Useful and Cool Kitchen Gadgets

While I\’m not exactly Martha Stewart, I do love to prepare terrific meals for my friends and family. For me, there\’s nothing more relaxing than spending the whole day trying out different recipes. I often cook or bake the same dish several times over, with just a slight variation in each version as I attempt to make things absolutely perfect. Family members often offer to help with either the cooking or the cleanup, but having too many people around me while I work just serves to throw everything off. Instead, I\’d rather use some of my cool kitchen gadgets to help get things done better or faster.

It makes sense that someone who cooks as much as I do would have a bunch of cool kitchen gadgets to play with. But you don\’t have to be a gourmet chef in order to get a lot of use out of some of these items. For example, the gadget I use most often is a salad spinner. All a salad spinner does is quickly remove excess water from your freshly washed greens by spinning the lettuce leaves around a strainer. That sounds pretty low-tech compared to other cool kitchen gadgets, but trust me, you\’ll use this nearly every day. It\’s a lot better than preparing a salad with wet leaves or trying to dry them with a paper towel!

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