Bosch Kitchen Appliance

When it comes to electrical goods in the kitchen, we want a brand that stands for efficiency, quality and innovation. The Bosch kitchen appliance range offers all the features that consumers want whilst keeping up to date with technology and the need for environmentally friendly products. The company gives value for money with a price range to suit everyone. Each product is designed to use as little energy or water as possible. Consumers can buy spare parts for any of the Bosch kitchen appliances, along with accessories, descalers and gel for cleaning ovens.

There are three models of washing machine. Each Logixx, Exxcel or Classixx has easy to use controls with a good choice of temperature control and programmes. A larger model with 7kg capacity is available and there are free standing and built in machines. The Exxcel 1400, for example, has a Sensitivity Program for allergy sufferers and a Sports Wash for clothes that are worn in the gym or on the running track. The Delicates Silk programme and Wool Programme are both on a gentle cycle. All washing machines from the Bosch kitchen appliance catalog are cold fill to save energy.

Tumble Dryers have different settings, including anti-crease and mixed fabric programmes. Dishwashers are also free standing or built in and a Slimline version is on offer, a convenience for people with smaller kitchens. They use 10 liters of water for 14 place settings. There is a wide range of Fridges, Freezers and Fridge Freezers to accommodate any family and living situation. There is an under the counter fridge if preferred. All the fridges are lined to protect against the build up of algae and bacteria. A kitchen appliance from Bosch means choice and cooking appliances bring a selection of Hobs, Single or Double Ovens, Compact Ovens, Cookers, Range Cookers and Microwaves to suit every lifestyle. Hobs have evolved over the years and Bosch produce Induction, Domino, Sealed Plate, Ceramic and Gas. Whilst cooking the evening meal, the wine can be chilled in the Wine Cooler.

Baking day and general cooking demands another Bosch kitchen appliance and that is the hand blender. It makes light work of everything with its whisks, chopping attachments and ice crushing blades. It is easy to wash and can be conveniently placed on the wall mounting when not in use. After the work is done, it\’s time to relax with a cup of coffee made in the Tassimo coffee maker. Tassimo also produces excellent kettles and toasters.

Vacuum cleaners have also evolved, particularly to meet the increasing popularity of hard floors. Bosch has models for hard floors or with hard floor tools. There are also Parquet and Wet tools that are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. The carpet vacuum cleaners include models that remove dust that sets off allergies and the Turbo Brush is good for tackling pet hairs. No one likes to do it but ironing has to be done and Bosch has a range of state of the art Steam Irons and Steam Station Irons.

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